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Friday, March 14, 2014

Maybe I am Learning Something...

I just arrived home from a trip to see my elderly father-in-law and I feel pleasant.  I am finishing the second bowl of pipe tobacco as I write this.  It is, yes, pleasant, but it is not the amazing event I was sort of anticipating.  That may be a pretty damn good thing in reality.  Now that I am on day 10 of my journey, it seems different than my previous attempt at refraining.  Previously, I was acutely aware of every moment without my pipe, an. I longed to be reunited with it on those days I allowed it.  This time, the previous seven days were not so rough.  

It was not a chore to refrain like it was previously, nor was it a joyful epiphany to again engage with the pipe.  It was nice, but it did not feel mandatory!  

I am actually a little bit eager to see what this next week of refraining will bring.  If it is like the past week, I will be able to maintain my 97.5% reduction in consumption.  Perhaps I will find it continuing to be fairly straight forward to do?  That would be wonderful! 

Perhaps an old dog CAN learn new tricks!  I am not sure how to explain my success thus far, but I like it.  It is nice that my desire for the pipe is not a 24/7 sort of thing this time thus far.  Probably tomorrow will be a bit more challenging with it being Saturday and being also the day after indulging, but I am at least thinking it will be manageable, and I look to my desire to decline again like it did this week.  



Blogger BBC said...

I've managed to cut back on my smoking some the last few days, my lungs like that.

Hey, have a good St. Pat's day.

Monday, 17 March, 2014  

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