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Saturday, April 01, 2017


Well, today I decided to count up where I am at currently.  Today marks the 3,115th day in a row that I have walked or ran 5 miles a day for exercise in a row without missing a single, damn day!!!!   I am very glad for the consistency I have been able to show.  Even more exciting for me is that I am still running.... 28 miles a week!   Some days running is not really all that fun, but truth be told, most days I am happy about it, and especially happy when it is done for the day!  :)

My elderly father-in-law is still in the hospital with his pneumonia.  He also had a procedure to dilate part of his esophagus which is something that he needed because constrictions in the esophagus seem to run in his side of the family.  Overall, he seems to be doing well, but it is anticipated he may end up going to a rehabilitation facility for a week to 10 days prior to coming home to help him further regain his strength. 

Work is the same b*llsh*t as usual.  But, I have been persevering as best as I can and have been keeping on top of things, so that aspect has been going ok.  We had a day-long Department Meeting yesterday (nightmarish as you might envision.... 7 damn hours with non-stop nonsense).  At the tail end of the meeting, when I needed to go with a subcommittee in our Department to visit the Provost for another damn meeting, one of the subcommittee members piped up "Why didn't you tell him that we were in a retreat?" because this member just LOVES being in a "retreat".  I just about blew a gasket and was wanting to curse this person out.  Instead, I said through gritted teeth, "Uh, well, you are a member of the subcommittee and I am not.  I forwarded to you the meeting not set by me by by the Dean and Provost.  If you did not want to have the meeting or time, it was your responsibility to contact them, not me.  It isn't really all that valuable for me to attend this meeting as it is about YOUR subcommittee."  And, then I left it at that and went to this meeting.  The members of the subcommittee did show up, and that is fine, but I was still feeling royally p*ss*d at the one member.    But, afterwards, I worked to let it go.

I must say I missed going over to visit with my elderly father-in-law for pipes and libations yesterday too.  It is always such a nice way to end the workweek.  But, I did visit him in the hospital, which was nice as far as ANY visit occurring in a hospital can be. 

We may get weather in the 50s this week!!!!  It seems like so very long since nice weather has happened.  I am looking forward to having all my running occur outside again!!!!  I am also feeling eager to try to pick up the winter related detritus from the yard and get the yard ready for Spring and Summer activities outside!!!!  Planting of the garden is only two months away too!  I definitely am planning to grow a lot of herbs (Plans so far are for at least two types of basil, oregano,  cilantro,  sage, rosemary, thyme, mint, and dill.) and I also know for sure I want to grow several tomatillo plants.  I am nearly out of the incredibly delicious roasted tomatillo verde salsa I made last fall and froze in pint batches.  I am negotiating with my wife to perhaps have more tomatillo plants rather than tomato plants (Our tomatos have been good, but I'd rather have more tomatillos!).  Other items we will plant are still being determined, but I think I would like to grow popcorn again for sure, and probably kale and some bell and hot peppers and kohlrabi.

Even though I am not in the market for a new vehicle (well, a used vehicle), I sometimes get in the mood to look at cars and trucks that interest me.  Lately, I have been enjoying looking at small vehicle offerings and thought each of the following would be fun:

Chevrolet Sonic
Jeep Renegade
Fiat 500

Although I know none of the above is in my future at this time, I think I have been attracted to them because of my remaining about back when I was a lot younger and in graduate school and into my first position.  I had a series of four different vehicles all of which were very small for their day:

Ford Falcon
Volkswagen Beetle
Chevrolet Vega
Volkswagen Rabbit

Each of the vehicles was fun and enjoyable in its own way.  I miss driving them to a degree, and I think that is why I have been looking more at today's smaller vehicles.  But, again, I have no real plans to change anything.




Blogger S. J. Qualls said...

Wonderful that you were healthy to run for that many days in a row!
Good to hear that your father-in-law is basically out of the woods!
Your work sounds like a nightmare, or rather- some of the people where you work.
Yep, get those catalogs out, time to think of gardening!
My daughter-in-law just bought a Fiat 500. She likes it fine.

Saturday, 01 April, 2017  
Blogger peppylady (Dora) said...

Running like that I haven't done in ages. Since the days are a lot nicer I been getting a chance to move a little more.
I have issue with non senseless items. Doing home care and those who have aid from the state has somethings that make no sense.
I believe they place ads for supervisor (stupidvisor) looking for people who have no common sense. Love to make up rules that could possible let loose and hit one head agaist a brick wall...I just play there game and feel out my paper work as they need it to be.
Anyhow my clients are well taken care of.
As for our weather the snow is going away. 4 feet is enough.
Coffee is on

Saturday, 01 April, 2017  
Blogger BBC said...

I wouldn't mind having an old Ford Pinto. Or a first generation Ford Fiesta.

Sunday, 02 April, 2017  
Blogger forsythia said...

Meetings are usually a huge waste of time. Running isn't. Gardening isn't. Visits to your in laws aren't. Much of life is good.

Sunday, 02 April, 2017  

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