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Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Exhaustion describes how I felt yesterday.  I was feeling a mixture of sadness, and also feeling a little bit under the weather.  It was a challenging day.  In the evening, I even felt a bit feverish.  

I tried all of the things I normally try to pull myself out of a "mood"..... I tried to push myself while running.  I ran 7 miles yesterday in 59 minutes and tried to push myself to get extra sweaty and to shed stress hormones.  I watched the very cute film, "Paddington 2" with my wife to try to feel happier, and I went swimming with my wife as well.

Still, it was a challenging day emotionally.   I ended up going to bed at 9:30 to try to get more rest and tried to cocoon with extra blankets (this often helps me when I feel a bit physically under the weather (feverish)).  

Fortunately, things seem to have gotten considerably better.  I do not feel emotionally sad this morning (I am not overjoyed... but I feel rather neutral), I ran my normal 5 miles at 5:00am, and I do not feel feverish or exhausted.  So.... all things have improved a fair amount.

Hopefully work will be decent today.



Blogger billy pilgrim said...

a few years ago i was splitting great big gnarly douglas fir rounds in the heat and it made me sweat like a pig. and mentally, it was a godsend. never felt better.

too bad i ran out of rounds in a few weeks.

Tuesday, 11 June, 2019  
Blogger peppylady (Dora) said...

I am sure things will look up in near future.
Coffee is on

Tuesday, 11 June, 2019  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Sometimes, it's like that. You did all of the right things that would often work, but your body might have been telling you not to.

Wednesday, 12 June, 2019  

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