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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Nigel Bruce

Even though there are variations in the portrayal of Dr. Watson in the "Sherlock Holmes" series of books and films and television programs.... I have always felt a kinship, even when I was a young kid watching the films with Nigel Bruce's version of Dr. Watson. 

Some "purists" feel that Bruce's portrayal "diminish" the intellectual nature of Doyle's rendering of Watson.  However, I vehemently disagree. 

I believe Bruce's character of Watson, was in fact, exceedingly intelligent, but more important than his intelligence was his demeanor.... Bruce's portrayal was of the kindest, gentlest, most gentlemanly Dr. Watson of the entire lot.  Some folks highlight the idea that Bruce's "Watson" was a befuddled sort, and was silly.   Again, I disagree.   He may have appeared a bit "out of focus" at times, but I find that to be endearing, and a general characteristic seen in a great many kind individuals.  I also do not think he was "silly" per-say..... instead, I feel his behaviors and actions that some would classify as "silly" were more akin to a form of "self-deprecating" humor. 

For me, as I kid, I had the Bruce-version of Dr. Watson as an inspirational figure for me to attempt to be like as I matured.  There were others who influenced me similarly..... Sebastian Cabot, Paul Brinegar, and others.  

In some ways, I *do* feel my personality *is* a bit like Bruce's "Watson".... at least I like to think so.



Blogger JACKIESUE said...

I haven't watched those old ones in such a long time..but I do remember I liked them very much..and I can see you as a Watson ...

Tuesday, 10 December, 2019  
Blogger GaP said...

I adore Nigel Bruce's depiction of Watson. And as for a role-model, I can think of no one better to emulate, Professor!

Tuesday, 10 December, 2019  
Blogger jenny_o said...

I've never seen this actor but I do love self-deprecating humour :)

Friday, 13 December, 2019  

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