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Tuesday, June 30, 2020


The temperatures are expected to be VERY high all this week (90 - 97 degrees (32 - 36 C)), and bright and sunny) all week with nary a cloud in sight.  Generally, that is pleasant enough, even though we have  very high humidity where I live. 

But, the heat is still now even quite pronounced in the morning as well and the sun, without any clouds is very intense even at 6:30 - 7:30 in the morning.  So, I started today to be in my "Sasquatch Mode" in regards to running. 

Due to the heat and humidity even in the early morning, I am going to run shirtless.  Now, as a very hirsute, grey-haired, old codger with a big grey beard and mustache as well, when I go shirtless, I tend to look like a "Sasquatch" or a "Yeti" and probably frighten people, pets, and farm animals alike.

But.... I hit the trail today at 4:30am when just enough of light was starting to appear to be able to run safely and yet I also avoided the harshness of the sun from lack of cloud cover as well.... as the official sunrise was not until about 5:45am.  So, luckily today I saw no people, and no pets, and only a few squirrels... and the squirrels were focused on other pursuits. 

So, my plan is to run this early, and to run shirtless every day this week during this heat wave.  It really only makes sense.  When I ran on Monday with a shirt at 6:30am, the sun was already pretty intense, and by the time I was done, my shirt was very literally dripping wet due to both the exertion and the humidity.  It was sticky and clammy feeling during most of the run. 

I have to say, it is an oddly "amimalistic" feeling to only be wearing a pair of running shorts, and socks and shoes and being out-and-about on a public trail.  I am used to normally being fully covered when exercising, and when not exercising in my shirt, pants, tweed jacket and hat.  I kind of "like" the feeling I guess.... it is putting me out of my comfort zone, that is for damn sure.  But... it is the most logical way to go at the moment. Hopefully being so early in the day, I will not be running past any actual people. 



Blogger Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

4:30AM is one way to beat the heat. I'll get out there and run today too. It will be 81 degrees when I'm running, so it will be no picnic. I really would love to be shirtless guy more because my physique isn't too bad - it's just that I have a million moles that I'm self conscious about, and plus the health risk of being a million mole guy shirtless out there. Maybe a night time shirtless run sometime for me. Keep up the hard work out there!

Tuesday, 30 June, 2020  
Blogger JACKIESUE said...

wish I was there for that..I'd be out bright and early ..throwing confetti, whistling and stomping my feet as you ran by.

Tuesday, 30 June, 2020  
Blogger Cynthia said...

I'd be there with Jackie. Walking at a leisurely pace, even at 7 AM on a hot and humid day, is enough of a challenge.

Tuesday, 30 June, 2020  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Most nights so far have been cool, even after hot days. Last night was an exception. Sadly.

Tuesday, 30 June, 2020  
Blogger Liz Hinds said...

Photo! Photo! Photo! We have to see this!

Wednesday, 01 July, 2020  

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