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Wednesday, June 01, 2022

More Bullets


As of late, it seems I can only grapple with giving a bulleted list of thoughts.  I am not exactly sure why, but, it is what I have at the moment:

  • When Covid erupted in March of 2020, my coffee consumption changed.  Prior to Covid, my routine was to go to the U's Starbucks Coffee shop which is relatively near my building.  "Penny Pincher" that I am, I had a routine of taking the largest refillable coffee mug I had (been gifted years before) that was 24 ounces (~ .75 liter) and purchase a "fill-up" of their DARK ROAST coffee blend of the day.... and I would also bring a very large refillable 7-11 drink container that the Starbucks staff would fill with ice for me.  When I returned to my office, I would pour the coffee over the ice, creating a 64 ounce (~ 1.9 liter) iced coffee for me.  The cost for me..... only $0.94 (94 cents).  This was because the U was very into reusable containers.  
  • When Covid hit, Starbucks was shut down for a while (and so was campus, we went remote for quite some time).  So, at this point, I adjusted my coffee routine.  As my wife abhors coffee, we have never had a coffee pot or coffee percolator in our home as it seemed rather superfluous. So, since the start of Covid, I have been using instant coffee grounds that I make in a large glass bowl in the microwave oven.  I have filled my 7-11 refillable drink container with ice from our freezer.  It has worked very well.  I have even occasionally splurged by buying a bottle of hazelnut coffee syrup (it is fat free and sugar free) at the local dollar store and would add a shot-glass sized amount of this flavoring from the large bottle, to my iced coffee once or twice a week. 
  • It was raining again this morning when I went out to run, which made me happy (no need for sunscreen).  I ran 14 miles (~22.5 km) to try to keep a bit ahead of my weekly goal in case Thursday or Friday are difficult days to get enough miles in.   
  • I am just plugging through doing needed tasks at the U today.  Not feeling particularly motivated nor inspired.... just working to get things off my plate to keep work things even-keeled.  


Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

I drink tea...Barry's Irish Tea...I'd croak if I couldn't get it. order it from amazon.

Wednesday, 01 June, 2022  
Blogger Pat M. said...

Wow! Professor, you have run two more-than-half-marathons in just three days! That's impressive! And whether it's your running or your University tasks, I'm glad you're able to stay a bit ahead so you won't feel undue pressure/stress toward the end of the week. Nicely done!

Wednesday, 01 June, 2022  
Blogger Margaret said...

My late husband disliked coffee also but bought me my (now) ancient Krups espresso/regular coffee machine. It's inching near 30 years old. It's weird because I love hot coffee, but not iced and like iced tea but not hot. :) Wow, those runs impress me!

Wednesday, 01 June, 2022  
Blogger The Blog Fodder said...

Coffee drinker here. The hotter the better. As my Peruvian friend said, coffee should be hot as Hell, black as pitch and bitter as marriage.
For small amounts of coffee, a French Press works (you can often buy them used) and makes much better coffee than instant.

Wednesday, 01 June, 2022  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

COVID changed things. We always used to bring our refillable mugs, but nobody does that any more. I also use the credit card almost exclusively, even for smaller purchases. That’s what became the preferred way with the onset of the pandemic.

Wednesday, 01 June, 2022  
Blogger Liz Hinds said...

I'm not a coffee fan but I get through a lot of tea in my day! Always made in the teapot when at home.

Your determination to run never fails to impresses me.

Thursday, 02 June, 2022  

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