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Monday, February 27, 2023

Bit of a Mistake


Yesterday, when I was writing about my journey in Chicago, I accidentally hit publish even though I had planned to write a bit more.  You can even see what I published left off mid-sentence.  That was not intentional, so I apologize.  

When I accidentally published prematurely, I thought perhaps it was an indication that I really should get back to work... which is what I did....grading a HUGE array of papers that had accumulated across all of my classes.  I still have a few left before the next onslaught of papers arrive.  So, today will be brief (hah, unintended but recognized pun):

  • I was especially tired last night, having been grading so much during the day until ~6:30pm.  I ended up oversleeping a bit after my alarm light and clanging alarm sounded.... so I ended up only being able to get in 10.3 miles (~16.5 km) this morning at the track before I had to leave to get ready for the U day. 
  • On this past Saturday, my wife and I splured and were able to go see a bit of an "art" film.  It was one we had seen previews for before the pandemic, and it finally arrived here.  It is entitled "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On".  It was an animated film.  It was a pleasantly gentle, happy, whimsical film.  We were both very happy to have been able to see it.  The link takes you to the movie's trailer on YouTube.  
  • PCS = 8.5.... with my tiredness today, I have often when I felt this way in the past, enjoyed the seemingly impossible... to people not familiar with the joys of a pipe....  but believe me that it is true..... the truthfully beautiful dual simultaneously invigorating and simultaneously relaxing aspects of enjoying a bowl of pipe tobacco.  Today would be a perfect fit for experiencing that dual impact.  


Blogger Margaret said...

I forget to go back to things too! I don't have the grading any more but I do have projects that I would like to finish after I start them. :)

Monday, 27 February, 2023  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

It was effective anyway.

Tuesday, 28 February, 2023  

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