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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Final Preperations

Friday's weather did not turn out to be too bad.  We had about three inches of snow, and by mid-afternoon, the roads were in decent enough shape. I was able to visit my elderly father-in-law, and it was quite enjoyable. 

Today will likely be a day spent with a lot of final preperations for the holiday.  At least, I hope they are all going to be done today.  I would really enjoy being set and being able to relax on Sunday and Monday before the holiday.  We shall see if things can get done enough for that to be. 

Saturday has been the achilllies heel in my efforts at becoming a "special occasion only pipe smoker".  But, at least as of this moment, I feel pretty set in my resolve.  I am hoping that on Sunday I may be able to report I met my goal of "0" for the day.  And, I have some ideas in mind for hopefully dealing with the loss of routine and my emotions so that (fingers crossed) I feel modestly confident I should be able to succeed.  Between now and January 3rd will (I estimate) be the most challenging times I have faced in this effort.  If I do reasonably well through that date, I should be able to easily be back to routine which has been generally successful thus far. 

I am off to head home, and to help my wife clean and perpare. 


Today's (Saturday's) Goal = 0
Yesterday's (Friday's) Goal = 2  bowls

Actual consumption (Friday) = 3 bowls


Blogger BBC said...

Being as I don't do christmas I have nothing to do but kick back and enjoy kicking back and relaxing. All that shit is for you slaves to the system, and don't forget to spend more money, the super rich are depending on you.

I've had an old laminated Calvin & Hobbs cartoon on my wall for many years, it's about experiences and getting smarter.

You're doing fine with the smoking, carry on, it's Saturday, I'm going to the bar for beers and bullshit this afternoon.

Tomorrow I'm going to fuck off. :-)

Saturday, 22 December, 2012  

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