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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Derailed by the Saturday Train

At first glance, you can see at the bottom of this post that I FAILED in my day's goal yesterday, and smoked my pipe two times.  Yet, for some reason, I am not particularly angst ridden about it (This is rather especially unfathomable to me, for I usually am a very harsh critic of myself.).  I am seeing a pattern here.  The pattern is that I tend to not succeed at my day's goal in pipe smoking when I have less structured time.  Ever since I began this journey, I have had failures on Saturday, the most unstructured day of my week.  I also had failures around the four days at Christmas.... also highly unstructured days. 

I find this information quite valuable to me in understanding myself better.  And I think understanding more why I do what I do will help me figure out ways to instead of doing simply what I do.... I will be able to develop skills where I do more of what I want to do. 

I accept the failure, but I am trying to learn from it and figure it out to help me fail less in the future.  And, I have to keep in mind also that I only smoked at most, 25% of what I would have typically smoked if I had been just "doing what I do".   This old dog is learning something, I guess I could say.   


Today's (Sunday's) Goal = 0

Yesterday's [1/5] (Saturday's) Goal = 0  bowls
Actual consumption (Saturday) = 2 bowls


Blogger BBC said...

Two bowls isn't very much, and beating yourself up over it is defeating.

I'm developing the impression that along with all the other pressures of the world that university professors are having to damn much of a work load put upon them, this is not a good thing.

Everyone needs idle time, me thinks, but I don't know why you would want to smoke during such times. Maybe because your mind wanders to things that make you want to?

Maybe you need an interesting hobby you can do at home, making black powder guns from kits or something, it's a great sport, wish I had gotten interested in it 30 years ago.

Or make boats in bottles or something else that keeps your hands and busy and your mind on the task at hand.

This is a good time of year for interior painting also.

Sunday, 06 January, 2013  
Blogger BBC said...

You may be a well paid slave at the university but it's my humble opinion that you are still just a slave trying to meet their demands.

Sunday, 06 January, 2013  

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