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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

So, Sow, Sew

I am just trying to keep at what I am suppossed to be doing. 

For New Year's Eve, my wife and I had our usual ritual that originated long ago during the first New Year's Eve after we began dating.  We shared a bottle of wine, some cheese, hummus, and some pita bread.  And then we wrote out our "Hopes & Dreams" for the upcoming year.  Looking back across all these years of writings always brings back a lot of memories and nostalgia.

At midnight, I smoked what I am hoping to be my last unstructured and unplanned for bowls of pipe tobacco.  As of that time, I am officially back "on the clock" so to speak, where I am aiming towards being the "special occasion pipe smoker" that is my goal.  

Thus far, I am doing adequately, and I am accomplishing my goal.  I have had cravings, but have been keeping them fairly at bay by trying to keep busy with other things.  There were one or two times today when I had a deeper craving, and I started to think about how "unfair" it was that I could not smoke my pipe, when I sat their and forced myself to realize how damn stupid I was being in thinking that things were "unfair" because of that unimportant little issue.  I worked to put it in perspective with REAL hardship that so many people face and I felt like a fool.   This kick in the hind-quarters that I gave myself, helped me to refocus. 


Today's (Wednesday's) Goal = 0

Yesterday's [1/1] (Tuesday's) Goal = 0  bowls
Actual consumption (Tuesday) = 0 bowls

Monday's [12/31] Goal = 2  bowls
Actual consumption (Monday) = 5 bowls

Sunday's [12/30] Goal = 2  bowls
Actual consumption (Sunday) = 4 bowls


Blogger BBC said...

I have never wrote out "Hopes & Dreams" for the next year, I've just always wandered through life having all my experiences.

I HAVE to quit smoking, it’s really fucking with me, as if someone had put poison in my tobacco, but I’ll discard that thought, maybe it’s just become a poison to me. I haven’t puffed on the pipe since 8:20 this morning.

It tough going but I have to quit.

Wednesday, 02 January, 2013  
Blogger BBC said...

Nice day here.

Wednesday, 02 January, 2013  
Blogger Aquarians Love To Fuck said...

You could also use "sough" to go with your concatenate of "so" homophones.

When people confront me with what they think is an "unfair" action, or inaction, placed upon them I usually retort with,

"Wow! You must be just devastated! The fact that upwards of 20,000 children, under the age of 5, die every day - EVERY DAY!! - of wholly preventable causes is nothing compared to the depth of your current psychological spoliation. How can you possibly cope?"

I am often assaulted after that by the way, so I don't recommend it unless you can run fast.

Wednesday, 02 January, 2013  

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