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Thursday, January 03, 2013


My wife and I went to see the Steven Spielberg film, Lincoln, today.  It was quite good.  The story line was minimally about the Civil War, and mostly about the politics behind getting the Amendment to the Constitution passed to end slaverly.  It was well done.  I am not sure about how accurate the story, but it seemed plausable and was and very enjoyable.  If you are a film fan, I would recommend seeing it. 

Of added bonus for me concerning the film, was the backdrop being the mid to late 1800's.  This is a time period I enjoy watching, and I have been told on occasion because of my own appearance (beard, moustache, tweed sport coats, etc), that I "sort of" fit in with that time period.  Additionally, there was a great deal of cigar and pipe smoking in the film, which surprisingly was HELPFUL for me in my efforts to continue to refrain other than on special occasions.   It was enjoyable seeing the time portrayed when smoking was just something people did or did not do.  It was not a social, political, health issue for everyone like it often feels today. 


Today's (Thursday's) Goal = 0

Yesterday's [1/2] (Wednesday's) Goal = 0 bowls
Actual consumption (Wednesday) = 0 bowls


Blogger BBC said...

My mountain man black powder hobby is based on the middle 80's, I really enjoy it all.

If you've never watched Deadwood I think you may enjoy it, but the wife may not, it's during that period the producer wanted to stay true to the truth to how it really was then.

Lots of cussing and violence.

Good job on the 0's.

Thursday, 03 January, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What type of tweed?

Friday, 04 January, 2013  

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