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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Desire vs Yearning

Right now I desire to smoke my pipe.  I am proctoring an exam at the moment.  Desire is in my manner of thinking, different from a yearning.  There have been times in the past where I have truly YEARNED for the comfort of my pipe and pipe tobaccos.  That was fairly frequent during my previous attempt to quit several months ago.  During my 97.5% pipe tobacco free Lenten Fast, I have not really experienced true yearnings for my pipe or tobaccos... just an occasional  desire.  

In my undergraduate days and in my graduate school days, it was common for many professors to smoke when proctoring exams.  I even did smoke my pipe while proctoring a few exams I was administering to undergrads when I was in graduate school.  For better or worse, that sort of thing is no longer allowed.  

Interestingly, I also note now how consistently brief the desire to smoke my pipe lasts on those occasions when I have the desire.  Typically, the true desire  seems to last about 7-8 minutes before it dissipates.  That is pretty short.  

I do not yet have a firm plan on how to keep up my 97.5% pipe tobacco free success once Lent has concluded.  My primary thought a this time is to keep a running tally of how many successful WEEKS I have in a row.  At the end of Lent I will have had (hopefully)  6 successful weeks with #7 occurring the Wednesday after Easter.  Hopefully, that number will be inspiring enough for me to continue.  I am still looking at other potential "incentivizers" as well.



Blogger BBC said...

In the future you can look forward to your dick only having an occasional desire. :-)

Tuesday, 08 April, 2014  

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