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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Still Seems Odd

In many ways it still seems odd to not carry around a pipe every day, and to not have it as a nearly constant companion.  It had been such an integral part of my day-to-day activity.  In some ways I miss it, and in others I do not. 

I do seem to have more time in a day without taking out the time to indulge in my briar and pipe tobaccos.  I also do tend to enjoy Friday, and the small amount of pipe time I allow myself each week more than I did just smoking my pipes whenever I wanted. 

I have roughly a little over 2 1/2 weeks left of Lent.  The "Lent" aspect of my 97.5% pipe tobacco free existance is, I know, a significant aspect of my success.  I do want to continue in this 97.5% pipe tobacco free endeavor, and I really do need to firm up how I will view the actions in as faithful a fashion as I have during Lent, and as I have done with walking every day.  I do not know how I will do that yet, but I must figure it out. 



Blogger BBC said...

So who is that a picture of?

Why in the hell do you need a crutch like lent? But the catlick church can hand you plenty of crutches, if you need them. The promise of more pussy would work better for me.

For lent I gave up the catlick church, years ago. Fuck da catlick church.

Not having a pipe with you should help, just need to find something else to do with the time, like play with your pecker. :-)

Thursday, 03 April, 2014  
Blogger BBC said...

Maybe the yo-yo should get a yo-yo.


Thursday, 03 April, 2014  
Blogger BBC said...

Something just occurred to me. I was not aware that a catlick could give up a percentage of something for lent. I guess that next year you can give up 97.5 percent of your pussy.

That means that during lent you'll just get screwed once instead of twice, that doesn't seem so bad. :-)

Saturday, 05 April, 2014  

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