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Monday, May 01, 2017


On my run this morning, I as a toad (not a frog) ambling across the path.  I have always been fond of toads, probably because I feel a kinship to them at times.  

It was a very foggy, grey, rainy morning of 44 degrees during my run.  It was actually more pleasant them an that would seem once you give over to the fact that you will be soaking wet from head to toe when you are finished.  Which I am at the moment.  You even get used to the rain on your glasses that obscure most of your view or at least distort it.  

Friday's wedding was a pretty good success.  I adopted a plan that prevented a hangover too.  Instead of drinking pretty much the stronger drinks, I drank only the light beer they had for the Mia part.  I ended up drinking six light beers and one shot of cinnamon schnapps across the evening, and while I felt pleasant, and was able to occupy my time through the whole event, I awoke the next day, no worse for wear.  

I am enjoying a first pipe of the day while my dog does he business again.  But, then it is off to the U.



Blogger S. J. Qualls said...

More power to you to run in the cold rain. Brr!
I used to collect figurines of toads and frogs, no earthly idea why. Snails, too.
Nice to hear that the wedding reception went well and you didn't get blotto. How did the beard go over?

Monday, 01 May, 2017  
Blogger GaP said...

Haven't been to your blog for YEARS. I see you've gone from daily walks to running. Excellent! Glad you're doing well.

Monday, 01 May, 2017  
Blogger Gorilla Bananas said...

How interesting that you feel a kinship with toads, Professor. I hope you do not have warts. I am pleased that you behaved with the decorum appropriate for a man in your position at the wedding reception.

Monday, 01 May, 2017  

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