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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Day 15

My laptop has been acting up at home so I lost a few posts over the last few days.  Hopefully today the post will upload.  Apologies for typos, because the last two posts I lost were during my checking for typos, so I am not doing that today.

I just returned from my 5 mile run and I feel good.  I am glad that is done for the day.  It was enough above freezing that the trail was completely free of ice and I was able to run OUTSIDE without any worries!  I know that snow is in the forecast so I will end up being back inside again, but it was so much nicer running outside.

I have made it 15 days today without a pipe.  I sure do miss smoking a pipe.  I, however feel I am doing well with my Lenten vow.  I have not had any pipe tobacco in 15 days, which in the greater scheme of like is nothing spectacular, granted.  But, it is pretty damn good for me.  I have allowed myself the option to use the lozenges or the e-device up to the four times a day that I spoke of earlier. However, I really dislike both items, and have utilized them only when I have felt shaky in my resolve.  They do seem to take a tiny bit of the edge off of my longing for a pipe when it is especially challenging.  But, in no way, shape, or form are they "fun or pleasurable" like I have always found my pipes to be.  That is probably a good thing, even though I still ponder what is the difference?  It is something beyond the nicotine and beyond the rituals etc.  But what is different, I am not sure.

Even though I have a bit over a month of relative "safety" in terms of Lent.... meaning I think that I want to complete my Lenten vow successfully, which will help my resolve.... I think I need to decide on my goals for after Lent as well.  I know it will be very easy and very tempting to pick up a pipe after Lent, but in terms of long range goals, I would like to quit completely.... but a very large part of me does not want to quit as well.... and quitting forever makes me feel sad and nervous.  I need to think this through more during the relative safety of Lent.



Blogger forsythia said...


Wednesday, 28 February, 2018  
Blogger Sharon Qualls said...

My biggest question to myself when trying to quit, was "What am I going to do with my hands?"
Illness made me quit, in the end. Much better to do it voluntarily. :)

Wednesday, 28 February, 2018  

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