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Wednesday, September 28, 2022


I had a dream that I recalled upon awakening last night!  This is unfortunately a rare occurrence of late as I have written about before.  I used to regularly remember my dreams MOST mornings.

I suspect I have recalled only a snippet of the dream, as I cannot figure out any sort of context for the dream, it does not seem to be a "memory" type dream, nor a dream with any sort of point or "outcome" (but that may be just because of my recalling only a snippet, I guess).  

I will try to describe the dream as fully as I can, and likely the DESCRIPTION will take longer to read than the actual snippet seemed to go on in my mind.  But, here it goes:

I was sitting at a picnic table in some nebulous park.  The picnic table was brand new and pristine.  The boards were smooth, well varnished, and very clean.  The picnic table was actually perfectly level as well, not cantilevered one way or another like most are.   

It felt like it was Summer.  Yet, the temperature was very comfortable, perhaps mid-to-high 60s at most (~20C or a bit less).  I could hear many different birds including mourning doves, killdeers, and crows.  It was pleasantly overcast as well.  

I was wearing a collared, short sleeved, button down, printed shirt.  The fabric had printed on it a mix of comical drawings of rodents (I have never had a "rodent" shirt even though I would like to have had one) on a beige background.  I was wearing brown shorts and simple, short stature hiking shoes and white socks.  I had on one of my usual snap brimmed caps.    

In the dream, I was significantly younger than today... I am guessing perhaps my early 40s as my hair/beard/mustache were all still dark brown..... but, my beard and mustache were oddly of the much longer (more accurately, much more bushy) style I wear today.  I was drinking a fountain Diet Pepsi from 7-11, and the paper fountain drink cup was the old, red cardboard style drink cup from long ago.  I was reading a copy of Outdoor Life magazine, and was specifically reading the back pages where McManus' fishing/hunting humor column were always published. I remember feeling pleasantly amused, as usual, by his clever writing.  

I was smoking a full-bent, large bowled (smooth bowl, walnut colored) briar pipe which was filled fully with the simple, but delightful burley leaf of Prince Albert (non-aromatic) pipe tobacco.  It is so easy to identify because of its unique flavor with just a hint of chocolate and a subtle, gentle sweetness.  But, even easier for me to identify is its uniquely dense and chalky texture which is unmistakable.  And, of course its 

And that was it.  Again, I am presuming it was just a snippet of a larger dream, but at the same time, it feels like I remember seeing this same (roughly ~2 minutes of time) dream replay 3-4 times last night, so I am not sure if it was sort of like a scratched record, just replaying the segment over and over.  Or if it WAS just a segment of a larger dream.

+ Ran 12 miles today. 

+  Did a boatload of lecturing on various physiology topics for 4 hours.

+ Had three exhausting meetings

+ PCS = 7 - Strong cravings.  



Blogger Anvilcloud said...

If your dreams are that vivid and detailed, I guess I can see why you miss them.

BTW, I am always younger in my less-detailed dreams. And I am not always exactly me either but some other persona. But I think I remember very few of them.

Thursday, 29 September, 2022  
Blogger Liz Hinds said...

Dreams are so very weird. I very often can find absolutely no logic or reason for them.

Friday, 30 September, 2022  
Blogger peppylady (Dora) said...

The other night I dream of brick, weird?
Coffee is on and stay safe

Friday, 30 September, 2022  
Blogger GaP said...

Historically speaking, dreams used to have considerable import as they represented omens and clues as to chart a life path forward. Or something that your unconscious mind is trying to tell you...A dream is never "just" a dream. It's your brain sorting out all the data and presenting them as a symbolic slideshow. Fascinating stuff.

Sunday, 02 October, 2022  

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