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Friday, February 08, 2013

Snow & Blueberry Wine

We received a helluva lot of snow overnight, so I shall be spending the lion's share of the morning digging and plowing my way out.  It is usually a mindless, yet moderately enjoyable activity. 

Yesterday afternoon, I left the U a bit early because I had an appointment with a plumber back home to replace our sump pump.  Fortunately, the fellow did a great job and was done very quickly.  It gave me time to go see an old friend whom I have know for probably 15 years or so.  He is a trumpet player in the symphonic band I used to play bass clarinet and tenor saxaphone in for many, many years.  He is close to 80 years old now, but still is very active. As a widower, he now has a new gal in his life.  She is also in the band I used to be a part of.  She played the saprano clarinet.  Well, this friend of mine was hoping for me to come over, because he bought her a "new to her" clarinet that he wants to give to her.  But he wants to fix it up first, as it is a very high quality brand, but needs to be cleaned and reconditioned. 

My role in helping him, was due to a long standing hobby of mine.  For probably the last 25 years or so, I have had the hobby of buying old woodwind instruments (clarinets, bass clarinets, saxaphones (alto, tenor, C-melody, baratone), and flutes) that were in rough shape.  I greatly enjoyed tearing them down, taking off all the keys, repadding them, polishing up the nickle or silver bright work on the keys, putting in new mother-of-pearl inlays where needed, and rejuvinating the wood or getting tarnishes off the brass or silver on the horns themselves) and putting them all back together.  I have gotten pretty good at it over the years, and most instruments look brand new when I am done. 

Well, my friend didn't really want me to refurbish the instrument.  Instead he wanted me to help him get started in the process because he wanted to do this all himself for his new gal.  I am more than happy to help him out with geting the parts he will need, and the proper cleaners and tarnish removers.   I think as long as he is careful about the task, he should be fine.  I will get him the supplies after they arrive, I will get him started by showing him how to get a few of the keys off of the beast he wants to work on.  It should be fun for him.  I always enjoy it.

He was very appreciative.  He didn't need to, but he gave me two bottles of his homemade, blueberry wine to take home last night.  I had a glass of his stock with him before I left, and I have to say it was really damn good.  My wife and I will have to drink a bottle of it soon. 

I am learning some new (and I think valuable) things about my pipes and pipe smoking that I will probably try to expound upon on Saturday.  Thes insights may be helpful as I gear up to give SOPS V2 another go. 


Today's (Friday's) Goal = 3 bowls 
Thursday's [2/5] Goal = 0 bowls
Actual consumption (Thursday) = 4 bowls

Walking Day 1601 / SOPS Day 0


Blogger BBC said...

And I've been thinking I may have to mow Helen's yard in February.

Your other hobby should keep you busy at times, I should come up with an indoor hobby for the winter months. Hell, I should be making my mountain man costume.

I don't suppose any of that wine is going to make it to Montana in July, I'm taking an old bottle of champagne.

Friday, 08 February, 2013  
Blogger austere said...

That is super cute. Good for both of them.

And I had no idea about this hobby, you've never mentioned it!

Thursday, 14 February, 2013  

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