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Thursday, March 01, 2018

Day 16

Overall, things are pretty even keeled at the moment. I ran outside again, but I think this will unfortunately be the last day for a while as an icy storm is likely to hit overnight.  And yes, still no pipe.

From the little bit I have read (I started yesterday.) I am thinking that the mandolin typically has four strings (or four pairs of strings in some) much like a ukulele.  I am wondering how its chord structure is compared to the ukulele?  I did not have enough time to investigate yet, but if the chord patterns are similar, it might be a good choice.  I appreciate its richer tone compared to the ukulele.  The four strings of the uke are what primarily drew me to the instrument a year or so ago (fingering is easier than the guitar, which seems beyond my capability).  I am becoming reasonable in terms of my ability to play the ukulele, so if it turns out that the mandolin has similar string and chord patterns, I might look into it further and perhaps even look around for a used one.



Blogger Schrodinger's Dog said...

The mandolin is typically tuned similarly to a violin ( or viola or other such stringed instrument): GDAE going from lowest to highest. Uke's are tuned completely differently. The chord fingerings are thus different. Tho some larger Uke's are tuned like the top strings on a guitar.

If a local shop doesn't have a good selection of mandolins to try, there are a number of online sources for used instruments. is one of the largest and most well known. You can sort through there a number of styles and price ranges.

Thursday, 01 March, 2018  
Blogger Jono said...

Yes, they are tuned differently from each other and different from my guitars which, on some days, can make my head hurt if I get determined to play all three. Sometimes it is very relaxing, though, and gets my mind off any other troubles.

Friday, 02 March, 2018  

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