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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Day 23 Musings

It has now been 23 days since I have last indulged in my pipes.  Even though it may not seem like much of an accomplishment.... it has been a very long time for me. 

I am thinking that I really need to get thinking in my mind more specifically what my game plan will be once Easter arrives in a little over three weeks.  Even though I would rather be smoking my pipes now, I do know that I have a reasonably good handle on the situation right now and can probably succeed in maintaining my "sans pipe" status through Lent. 

But, what will happen AFTER Lent?  As I stated before, there is a part of me who hopes to use this effort as starting off point to completely give up my pipes even after Lent.  But, there is also a part of me that wants to pick up a pipe on Easter Morning. 

I am at a loss at the moment on how to proceed.  I see too many different avenues.  I need to think this through some more, group ideas a bit, and narrow and figure out the actual options down to a managable few so that I can then decide how best to proceed. 



Blogger JACK said...

What are the likely health and quality of life outcomes if you quit for good? What are the likely health and quality of life outcomes if you resume your pipe? Do you inhale your smoke? If you do then quitting for the long term may have positive health consequences. If you don't inhale then maybe you don't really need to quit. I don't want to discourage you at all from quitting but there are clearly upsides to enjoying your pipe which are real and obviously very significant to you in the quality and enjoyability of your life. I am vaping and have not smoked my beloved non filtered Camels for 54 weeks. But if I were medically cleared I would start back in an instant. People who have never smoked don't really understand, I don't think. Weird as this may sound I enjoy even watching people smoke even though I can no longer join them. In a different world I would love to join you for libations and pipes... but maybe that is for the next world.

Thursday, 08 March, 2018  
Blogger Sharon said...

Jack has said what I would say.
Why not wait until Easter and see how you feel about it? Seems you are doing pretty well. I do understand about missing your pipe time.
I took up painting - I had something in my hand and stayed away from the phone ... that helped me immensely.

Friday, 09 March, 2018  
Blogger PipeTobacco said...

It is indeed a mixed bag. Your last line spoke volumes to me. I do not have a local drinking buddy nor a local pipe buddy anymore. I feel like a lone wolf.

The only time I now have buddies of that ilk are when I go to research meeting that are in other states. None of the faculty where I am at is so inclined. So in part this is somewhat shaping my decision as wall.

Friday, 09 March, 2018  

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