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Friday, May 26, 2017

Still OK Pipe Tobacco-Wise

This week, I still did my plan.  I again stayed within the one ounce and again still have some left even though today is my new ounce day.   I guess I should be happy about this "success" of sorts.  But, I have to admit that I was not as committed to the goal this week.  I DID it, but, not with any real fervor or passion (but also no real hardships either).  

The week at work was similar.  Not a real sense of passion.  Things went fine, but I felt like I was going through the motions only.   It was similar too, for running.  I just finished my five miles today (the 25th mile of the week) and have only three more to do tomorrow to keep my 28 miles of running each week goal.   But, again there was no "zest" or passion.  It was just routine.  

I am not sure what is going on, why I am lackadaisical... but since things are otherwise on track, I should not complain.  I may go see my elderly father-in- law this afternoon, but even that does not feel invigorating.  

I need to get somehow, back into feeling the intensity of life.  If I can figure out how to restore that for today and the weekend, it would be helpful.  



Blogger forsythia said...

Sounds like spring fever.

Friday, 26 May, 2017  
Blogger BBC said...

Just need something interesting to do.

Saturday, 27 May, 2017  
Blogger Gorilla Bananas said...

You should treat this mood as a period of relaxation, Professor. No one can be intense all the time. Try a little meditation.

Saturday, 27 May, 2017  
Blogger JACKIESUE said...

you getting enough sex?

Saturday, 27 May, 2017  

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