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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Going to the dentist tomorrow at three.  So no pipes for me after I go to bed tonight until after the visit.  I hope everything goes well.  It seems like all is fine.  I will be pretty grumpy waiting to get it over with.  


Thursday, January 08, 2015

Pipes & The Mind

The crumbles of brown, pipe tobacco that are in the bowl of my pipe are about ready to be transformed and to take a journey to the center of my mind.  As soon as I spin the flint wheel on my Zippo, and draw the flame into the crumbles of leaf, the combustion will ensue that will allow me to inhale a thick plume of nicotine rich smoke.  Within a matter of a few seconds, this nicotine will reach the central brain regions and stimulate the dopaminergic pathways of my mind giving me a reward, pleasure, and will give me mental stamina as well. 

How on Earth do I figure out a way to NOT want that?!?  Damn. 


Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Damn Cold!

We have been lucky during much of the winter (winter unofficially starts here between October 15th and November 1st) with unusually warm temperatures, a fair number of  times hitting above freezing, and even one or two days in the 40s.  So, I really should not complain.  But, damn, the sudden change to "normal" winter weather (temperatures hovering around zero, with wind chills far into the negative digits) has made me a bit ornery about my morning walks.  I am still doing them (sans my dog... I do not take her on the 5 mile walks when it is below 10 degrees outside), but the sudden drop has not given me much chance to acclimate.  But, I persevere and eventually it will get better.


Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Intensive Start!

Starting the new semester has felt a bit like a road race, but my motor seems to be purring along nicely with only a few minor sputters and backfires.  I think with another few days under my belt, I will have my engine going at a comfortable and stable RPM level.  Perhaps a goofy, "Barbara Walter's-esque" style question is in order:

If I were a motorized vehicle, what would be be? 


For me, it is hard to narrow down to one vehicle, so I will name myself as two different vehicles each reflecting a part of my personality:

1.  Traditional Volkswagen Beetle, probably a 1953 split window -  sort-of frumpy, but steady and reliable, and the split window gives it a bit more pizazz:

2.  A 1963 Studebaker Champ Pickup Truck - the last year for Studebaker trucks, so it was the end of an era.  But the body, cab, and tail end had a unique look even for its time.  The interior was fairly general, but nice and clean as well:


Thursday, January 01, 2015

2015, Day 1

Fortunately, I did not imbibe enough to require an ice-pack on my head this morning, though I did have fun.  My wife and I sat and talked into the late evening about our hopes and dreams for the coming year.  We ate baba ghanoush and hummus on pitas.  I drank wine and beer, while she drank soda (she rarely drinks alcohol).  The talk and the laughter was wonderful, relaxing, fun, and very, very enjoyable.  Then we watched the New York festivities for about 15 minutes prior to midnight.  After the stroke of midnight, we turned off the television again, and talked more and were happy and peaceful together.