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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Same Old Sh*t

I wish there were new exciting things to report but there are none.  Instead there is only the same old sh*t going on plus other hardships as well.

The biggest hardship is that my elderly father-in-law is hospitalized cilurrently with pneumonia.  He has been in the hospital since Sunday.  Currently he seems to be responding well, so we are all hopeful at the moment.  But with hospitals, you never know.  They are scary places that can hurt as well as help. Thoughts and prayers would be great fully accepted.  He is a great guy, and I so hope he recovers well.  

Work is filled with all the continuing hassles.  Sometimes I think about how it used to be really great to work at the U.  But when I do and then compare it to the sh*t that goes on today, it makes me cry. I want to work to get back to a point where the U IS fun again.  But, it is difficult.  I have to complete the tenure of being Chair of the Department, and that means a minimum of one more year.  I am 99% certain that after this year I want to quit as Chair and just be regular faculty again, but we will see.  Teaching students is great, and o always helps me to feel happy, but there is so much other b*llsh*t when you are Chair and even when you are regular faculty these days, that a job at the U is not as wonderful as it once was.  That is very sad.  

To end on a positive note, I just finished my five mile run, and am enjoying a pipe while the dog eats and does her "business".  I look out across the backyard, and the newly exposed dry grass from last season (the snow finally melted away) is covered by a furry, white frost.  The rising sun casts enough light on the frost to make it sparke and twinkle as I look at it.  It is truly beautiful.  Hopefully there will not be any more snow this season and it will get warmer.  It is actually 29 degrees this morning!  Almost above freezing!  


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

17, 1000, 3000+

It is 17 degrees as I sit outside letting the dog do her "business" while I have a pipe after finishing my run.  I just hit the milestone of running over 1000 miles since I started running sometime in June last year.  Running 1000 miles may not be a whole helluva lot for some folks, but I am damn amazed that I did it!!!!  It feels really good.  My resting heat rate now is at 55, and when I finnished my run, I have it at 140.  That is about right for getting maximum cardiovascular benefit. I have about 3100 days of walking/or running every day without missing a day now.  I will figure out the exact number and post it soon.  With the below freezing temperatures, my hand are getting damn cold, so I am going to close the laptop now and head in to shower and get ready to head to the U for work.  The dog's "business is steaming on the ground now and I am going to wait until later when it is frozen to pick it up.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017


So much to write about but so little time a the moment.  I will try to get a more interesting post tonight if I do not fall asleep first, or at least by Friday.