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Friday, August 30, 2013

Amazing Flavor

I am a big, big fan of breakfast.  Hell, I have to admit it.... I am a big fan of eating pretty much anytime, but I transgress. 

As I tend to eat breakfast at work except on the weekends, I have my wife prepare for me my lunch box containing both breakfast items and also lunch items.  Yes, the lunch box is pretty much stuffed with food, corner to corner.

One of my very favorite items to see in my lunch box is the container above.  Yoplait Light, Thick, & Creamy key lime pie yogurt.  The flavor of this yogurt is what is so amazing.... it is pure, real lime flavor.  It is such an amazing treat to see that my wife has put it in my box. 

I am eating (and savoring every bite of) this yogurt right now.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back Again

I have returned.  I apologize for being away.  Two factors shaped my lack of posts:

1.  I have been away for a spell, having taking the family on a brief vacation.
2.  I have been preparing for the start of the semester.
3.  I have been living the start of the semester.
4.  I have been feeling quite lazy in general in many facets of my life.

I believe I will be back to regular posting from this point forward.  Everything may have been just a lackadaisical ethos I was experiencing due the end of Summer.


Thursday, August 08, 2013

Eye Care

Today my wife and I had our eyes examined.  It had been two years since the last visit, so the doctor (of course) commented on our length of time (our insurance allows yearly visits, and if we were to do that, of course, he would garner more funds).  My wife's eyes changed a bit.  Mine stayed the same, being very myopic as I have always been.  I first started wearing glasses at seven years of age, but can remember probably needing them as early as four years of age.  Even though back then there was a "stigma" when kids wore glasses, I really never gave a damn about that as the amazement I felt at how clear, precise, and wonderful everything looked when I wore glasses.  I remember getting home the first day I had my glasses, and I ran down the large hill of my back yard towards the woods, utterly amazed at how I could see each individual leaf on the trees, and the shapes and textures of the clouds were so vivid.... it was shocking the detail I could see!  When I went to school the next day, the chalk writings on the board by the teacher jumped out at me as vivid, sharp lines instead of hazy, fuzzy blobs of color.  It was wonderful... the chalkboard looked as clear as the words on the page when I would read!


Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Today marks day 1787 of walking 5 miles, every day in a row for me.

There is not a whole helluva lot to report here.  I am just existing.  I am trying to be a kinder, better person.  I am trying to reduce my consumption of pipe tobacco. 

I need to get out of this rut I am in and ACCOMPLISH something.