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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Do I?

I am contemplating quitting my pipe tobacco "cold turkey" as the saying goes. Perhaps I shall do so.  But I worry about becoming an angry idiot during the refraining.  I also worry about failing.  I also worry about the discomfort.  But, I think I may go this route.  Heaven help me if I do.    And my wife, and my kids, and the folks at the U.  I should be damn well strong enough to do this.  But, I fear I am not.   I should be strong enough to do this with grace and a calm demeanor and a gentle heart.  But I fear I may not be strong enough to be this way.  

If I quit, how long will it take to not be a constant struggle to stay away?  How long will the pipe keep calling me back, and how long will I need to resist that call before it leaves me?  


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day

Thinking a lot about my father today.  It was 23 years ago this past March that he passed away.  I do miss talking with him and wish I could have had more time with him.  


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Trying to Work Through Failure

I let it get the better of me.  When I ran out of my one ounce Thursday morning, I was not strong enough in my willpower to withstand and hold firm.  My failure led me to open my next ounce of pipe tobacco early, and now with it being Wednesday, I have consumed almost 1.5 ounces of pipe tobacco this week and it is only Wesnesday morning.  I have utterly failed and an angry at myself.

Some may say I am still better off than when I. Began this effort several weeks ago.  At that time when smoking my pipe freely, I was smoking about 4 ounces a week.  But, to me, not doing what I set out for myself to do is nothing but failure.  

I am at a loss on how to proceed at the moment.


Thursday, June 08, 2017

Stress Due to Skimpy....

I am feeling quite nervous at the moment.  I believe I must have overindulged a little bit in my one ounce of pipe tobacco during this past weekend, for I find myself PRECARIOUSLY LOW in regards to pipe tobacco for today.  This is even more troubling in that I had been typically been able to have a little bit left over at the end of the day on Thursday when technically I could begin a new ounce on Friday. 

I am not pleased that I screwed up here.  It feels like a failure, and it feels problematic for the rest of the day today (it is around noon here on Thursday).   Yes, before you comment about this being a stupid "non-problem".... yes, I know in the greater scheme of things, this is a stupid thing to be worried about. 

But, unfortunately, worry about this I do.  Thursday evening is always a time of "relaxation" of sorts as I do not formally teach on Fridays (I do other work, but it is less stressful work at my desk or in my research lab).  I have always tended to look forward to a pipe or two to start off the "after teaching is finished" part of my work week.  This very pleasant pipe tradition is in peril for this evening.... and while it is a foolish thing to be concerned about.... it does make me feel a bit sad and frustrated. 

Yes, I know I should just deal with it.  And, I probably will do so.  But there is a part of me that truthfully wants to dip into next week's ounce prematurely so I can have a pleasant, robust, full bowl or two of pipe tobacco tonight.  But, if I do, I will only be setting myself up for even more failure in the future. 



Sunday, June 04, 2017


Today, we made three batches of home made hummus.  We are going to try them with our dinner tonight.  One is traditional chickpea hummus with tahini and garlic and lemon, one is a chickpea hummus with feta cheese spinach and oddly enough cinnamon, and the third is a southwestern hummus with black beans, cilantro, pablano peppers and lime.  They are chilling in the refrigerator at the moment and should each be very good.  

We also went on the first bike ride of the season (I had to get the bikes down and fill the tires with air first.  Our first jaunt was only five miles, but we had fun.  

It hit a very warm and humid 88 degrees today after thunderstorms overnight (32 degrees C).  It really felt like Summer!  

Our garden is planted except for the popcorn and sunflowers.  They are still struggling to germinate in the little soil pellets we have now moved into the back porch to get warmer.  When they are about 4 inches tall, we elwill move them into the garden.   

But, our tomatoes and tomatillos look great as do our bell peppers and jalapeños.   The cucucumbers are growing well as are our sweet potatoes.  And, our cabbage is looking good too (we grew purple cabbage this year).  My favorite part of the garden, however are the herbs we are growing and all look good!  We have two different types of tarragon, three types of basil, Rosemary, sage, two types of mint, cilantro, and thyme.