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Monday, September 26, 2016

Another 28 Miles!

I am happy to say I jogged another 28 miles this past week!  Some days it was reasonably fun too!  There was only one actual day where I had to really force myself to complete the four miles, because I was not in the mood.  But, even on that day I did persevere and did it.  

Work is busy and crazy like usual, but I am keeping my head above water.  My wife and I went to a cross country meet to watch relatives run which was fun.  And, we even went to the local high school football game.  It was interesting even though I am not a football fan in any way, shape, or form.  For me, it was, however, a lot of fun to watch and listen to the marching band perform!  

Overall, things are at a fairly even keel at the moment.  My wife and I also went to see the movie, "The Magnificent Seven".  It was an excellent western!  For anyone who likes westerns, or Denzel Washington, or Vincent D'Ofranio.... It was a real treat.


Monday, September 19, 2016

28 Miles

Last week, Monday through Sunday, I ran (jogged) 28 of my miles!  This is a pretty big accomplishment for me.  It means that I ran 4 out of each five miles every day!  I am kind of excited to be able to say to myself that I really did that.  Back when I was a chubby kid and through when I was a very heavy adult the thought of running anything, let alone 28 miles in a week was the farthest thing from my mind.  It feels good for me that I was able to do it.

I ran (jogged) four of the five miles today as well.  It is going to be more of a challenge when the weather starts making it impossible to do this out-of-doors, though.  I have thoughts about how to try to keep this up.  I do not like treadmills at all, but it is an option.  The U has a fitness center where they have treadmills.  I could possibly do that during the winter.  They also have a small "fitness track" indoors.  If I recall correctly, it takes 10 laps around this track to equal one mile.  Forty laps around that track seems a bit daunting too, to be honest.  I am going to try to steel my resolve to do one or both of the above (treadmill or tiny track) as a way to keep up my progress during the winter.  I am hoping I will have enough gumption to continue it.  To my manner of thinking, it is far nicer and more enjoyable to be outside running (jogging) and seeing the scenery change in front of me.  I will stay outside for as long as a can, but I do not want to risk falling on ice, so I will becoming even more weather conscious as the weather approaches freezing temperatures.  I will still walk at least one mile (to make five (including the jogging) total each day.  I have adapted to figure out how to walk safely even if it is really rough weather with ice and snow.

But, while I keep thinking, I am still going to relish in my own mind the happiness that I feel for having reached this very significant goal for myself.  And, yes, I know that for a lot of people, it really isn't anything all that special, so I am not planning to talk about it in day-to-day life unless people get curious and ask me.  So many folks can do a helluva lot more than I am doing, I know.  But for me, for my own inner self, it feels pretty damn nice that I have been doing this amount.


(In case people are interested, the above "28" graphic is from )

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Numb Still

Well, I am numb, but not the pleasant way from delightfully strong libations, unfortunately.   Instead, I am numb from having SEVEN (yes, seven) shots of Novocaine or whatever he used to numb my jaw area for my dental crown placement.

Why, you may logically ask, did I have SEVEN shots?  Well, the first two..... no noticeable effect after 20 minutes.  After the second two, still no noticeable effect after another 20 minutes.  After the third two, STILL no noticeable effect after another 20 minutes.  Finally, my dentist became grouchy and gave me a single shot in a different place and this one took hold.  The final shot was not in the "best" place that is the normal site for a more precise, localized numbing.... instead it was in a location that causes the whole side of the face and tongue to grow numb and stay numb for a long time.

He apologized for having to do this, but after six shots in the preferred site with no effect, he said there was no other logical route for him to take.  Unfortunately, this scenerio was not surprising.  I have had it happen TWICE before with injections to a more "gentle" location for a localized effect.  It is odd, however, sometimes these same injections do work adequately there, but this is the third time they have failed.  Likely, it seems my neural network associated with my jawline is genetically atypical.  Probably something in my genes guided my neural pathways in different than usual locations, so sometimes the standard shot placement does not allow the anesthetic to successfully diffuse across the nerve (at least in a normal time frame).

After apologizing, the dentist told me I would be numb for the rest of the day because of the large number of shots and also because of the specific placement of the last one.  Oh well, at least it worked finally.

As is my usual practice, I did not smoke my pipe before the dentist appointment.  And, as usual, I was nervous through the procedure.  When I came home afterwords before heading to work, I DID smoke my pipe.  But, it was odd, trying to do so while my face was numb and felt 4 times larger than normal.  

Luckily, I did not have to lecture very much today.  Today was more of a paperwork sort of day at work.  So, overall, it was an ok day.  AND, I did run my FOUR miles before going to the dentist as well.  I was sore as hell where I had fallen, but I pushed myself and did it!  And, I DID remember to watch, eagle-eyed, as I approached each of the three "danger" zones on the sidewalk today.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tomorrow is the Day (Blech)

Running today at about the two mile mark, I was an idiot and didn't pay attention like I know to do there and tripped on a part of the sidewalk that was all out of whack.  There are three spots I KNOW to be careful at and to watch carefully because of upheavals in the sidewalk, but I wan't paying attention in area number three like I normally do.  I hit the edge and took  a big tumble.  I have done this before even when walking and I know better to watch for each of these three spots.  I cut up my knee and elbow quite significantly and scraped my palms too while breaking the fall.  

I got up and finished the run, and even did a fourth mile as well.  But I am going to be awfully damn sore for a few days.  I can feel it in my knee, elbow and hip.  Oh well, what can I do now?  Tomorrow's run may be slow.  But I am damn well going to do it.  I cannot let this stupid injury stop me.  

To top things off, tomorrow I have the dental appointment where I get the permanent crown on to replace the temporary one.  I am glad it will be done but do not want to go and have the pain and stress to my mouth (my TMJ makes it really rough to keep my mouth open during the procedure).  But, it is what it is I guess.  Also, it means no pipe for me in the morning as I do not smoke my pipe before a dentist appointment.  So, not much fun for me tomorrow morning.  Hopefully by 4pm I will be able to have a pipe and my mouth will not be too sore and my body will not be too sore.

I guess I should quit whining!  But I am feeling a bit annoyed.  Sorry.


Friday, September 09, 2016

Journey to My Father-In-Laws

It was a busy, hectic day today, filled with all sorts of tiring tasks with our Department meeting.  I was able to handle things successfully even though it was not my cup of tea by any means.  I also was able to get a number of research tasks done, including making up the chemical solutions needed for the new experiment I am having my research students collaborate on with me.  It seems that there is never enough time for the sh*t that has to be done.  I am learning, however, to just say to hell with it after a while.  I put in an appropriate (in my opinion) level of time at work, and what does not get done.... oh well. 

After getting a few things prepared for class next week, I have decided to end the workday, and I am going to head over to my father-in-laws to indulge in good conversation, libations, and pipes.  It should be an excellent afternoon which should also result in a grand evening. 

Saturday, I am going to watch a Cross Country meet.  It should be interesting.  I am being very faithful in my three miles every day.  It is still very nice feeling good about those three of the five miles.  I am not sure if I wish to push it to four yet, but I am considering it. 


Tuesday, September 06, 2016


Gave the dog a bath this afternoon.  She was pretty grungy after the reunion and I like to also give her a bath 2-3 days after giving her her flea/tick medicine (it is a liquid you put on the back of her neck that takes about 24 hours to be absorbed) so any residual gets washed off her fur.  She is generally not fond of water, so baths are not her favorite thing, but she did a good job letting me scrub her without much fussing.  She gets damn near giddy with wiggly glee when I start toweling her off after the final rinse, however.  I am not sure if she likes being toweled off or is justly happy the hell is over!

I have been doing a steady level of work, both at work and things for home, so that is nice. I hope to just work steady at things, especially at work.  My goal this year is to try to never bring work home with me at the end of the day.  That way, I can focus more on home tasks and on family.

 The three miles of running are still going well every morning, although I felt a bit slower this morning.  It may have been due to the heat.  It was almost 80 still at 5 am when I hit the trail to run.  I ran without a shirt this morning due to the heat and humidity.  I normally feel self-conscious and always wear a shirt, so folks do not think a grey furred Sasquatch is on the loose, but I figured at 5 am, who would I see?  Well, surprisingly enough I ended up running past two older widowed neighbor ladies who were walking with bright flashlights which they proceeded to shine right at me as I approached.  I amiably hollered out a "Good Morning, Mrs. 'X' and Mrs. 'Z'!!!" as I jogged past them.  They mumbled a greeting back.  I think they were startled it was me, and I think they did not expect to see anyone running past them in the dark. 


Saturday, September 03, 2016


I am at the third of my wife's three family reunions that occur every year.  I will be glad to get home.  

My happiest moments the last few days are when I ran the three miles each and every day.  They honestly help make a lot of other crap in my life easier to bear.