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Tuesday, July 07, 2020

New Shoes & Assessment (4317)

Because of the cleaning I did yesterday (in preparation for garbage collection today) I did not get to post until late in the evening and was too tired to post much.  So, what I had planned for yesterday is now what I am writing today:

I tried out my new pair of damn expensive shoes on Monday.  They felt nice.  And, I did check the inside of the shoes VERY carefully to make sure there were no hidden bumps.  There were none, and my second toe, although the area under the nail is very bruised and discolored, is completely pain free and is doing much better.

Overall health stats:

1.  Averaging about 45 miles of running each week now (~72 km/week).
2.  Resting Heart Rate upon waking..... ~52-57 bpm
3.  Typical Blood Pressure upon waking.... 100 / 65.
4.  For 2020, I have ran, as of today, 1,060 miles so far.
5.  Weight - 168 pounds (76.2 kg ; 12.0 stone)

I have been at the above weight for about a dozen years now (within about 5 pounds or so).  This is a significant change from what I was at my peak weight and stats which I looked up:

1.  Highest weight - 290 lb (132 kg ; 20.7 stone)
2.  Resting pulse when I was heavier.... ~90 bpm
3.  Typical Blood Pressure from when I was heavier.... 150 / 85

There were really only two things that I changed in my journey to a normal range BMI:

1.  Exercise - I decided to embrace exercise.  I initially started walking 5 miles a day (still walk at least one day a week, but 6 days I run now instead).

2.  The most important factor for me in terms of exercise was to be CONSISTENT in my exercise.  I can now say that as of today.... I have gone 4,317 days in a row where I have either walked a total of at least five miles, or did at least 5 miles of mixed walking and running, or at least 5 miles of running EVERY DAY.  I have not missed a single day in the last 4,317 days.

3.  I changed my food consumption in only one way.... I decided to avoid added fats in food or food preparation.  I probably eat MORE than I did when I was heavier, but just avoiding fats in processed foods, and in not cooking with fat in foods I prepared is my one change to my food consumption. 

4.  I have to modify the above.... there is ONE other thing that I did, which was actually more difficult.... I worked diligently to reduce mindless eating and emotional eating.  Reducing mindless eating and reducing emotional eating both have required a very concerted effort on my part.  I have learned a lot about myself in recognizing these behaviors and in trying to reduce them. 

So, for a grey-haired old duffer, I have to take heart in the idea that old dogs CAN learn new tricks. 


Monday, July 06, 2020

Late Evening Post

I became tied up in a lot of cleaning today, besides work, and so I did not have time to get the post I had wanted to write, written.  Tomorrow should be easier for writing.


Sunday, July 05, 2020

Mass Thoughts

In Mass today (watching via streaming, still unfortunately, for safety) it was stated...

"Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened,
and I will give you rest.
Take my yoke upon you and learn from me..."

 Sometimes it is easy to get resentful at work and labor.  Sometimes it can feel unfair and unjust.  I have felt that, not about my actual teaching and research work itself (which I enjoy), but more about the ancillary bologna that often gets tied to the good stuff.  But, the above helps to remind me that I should be more accepting, for work is what we need to do (both the good and bad) to help us to be good people for each other and for society.  I fail at keeping that spirit in my mind and thoughts many days.... and that is wrong of me to do.  I need to try to be better.

My wife has been having a rough emotional span during the last few days.  It is difficult because when she is feeling angry emotionally, she tends to not want to discuss things related to how she feels, but instead tends to stay quiet except when she will verbally lash out at everyone.  This is not successful for her because she will often do this to the person (people) she is angry at but also at other folks as well.  It is challenging, for I have received a bit of her ire lately, even though I am not the person she is upset at currently.  Hopefully she will begin to feel better soon.


Saturday, July 04, 2020

July 4th

I am wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July!  Stay safe, wear your masks, practice safe social distancing! 

Dogs, cats, and infants tend to HATE loud, obnoxious fireworks.  Please consider NOT using them.  Wait for fireworks until next year, when hopefully the community fireworks displays are able to return.  They are a helluva lot better than anything folks get for at home use.  They also foster a sense of community.  The noisy, all-hours, fireworks some folks have been using at their homes for weeks now are just ways to annoy your neighbors.... wait for the real community fireworks.   


Friday, July 03, 2020

Adobe Spark

My U has sent out a notice to faculty that we (both faculty and students) will be provided access to Adobe Spark this Fall.  From the video describing this program, it *appears* potentially useful. 

But, I am wondering how user friendly it will be?  Sometimes Adobe products are excessively (in my opinion) complex.  If anyone has used this program and has any opinions to share, I would be greatly appreciative. 


Thursday, July 02, 2020

Decorating Anew

I admit that I really like the relatively current style a lot of folks adopt of hanging clusters of smaller photos, paintings, and pictures upon some walls of the home to give a "collage" sort of effect. 

My wife and I have have been talking about this for years.  But, I have always been very gunshy and hesitant about trying this sort of approach.... because I hate and abhor and get stupidly very nervous about putting holes in the walls to hang pictures. 

Our current approach is to have a few photos or art works on the wall that are larger.... and this means ONE art work or photo per wall.... which hangs from a screw that I (with great trepidation, anxiety, and generally hours of fussing before I did it) put into the walls many, many, many years ago and have been "making due" with ever since.  I *know* it is a damn stupid behavior.  I *realize* it is just a damn hole in the wall.  I *understand* this.... but it doesn't change the fact that I have ALWAYS been agonizingly slow and hesitant about putting holes in walls. 

I am not sure really, why this is.  But, I think a lot of my hesitancy is that I am concerned I will do it "wrong" and that I will mar the wall in such a way that if I do put it in a "wrong" position, I will be forced to look at the obnoxious hole or screw until I end up plastering it back up..... but.... that is not enough... I would also need to paint the wall as well, so it once again looks even. 

PURELY STUPID.... I KNOW.  But, still, it is what I experience.... no matter how damn dumb it is. 

Well... I had heard of these stick on the wall, velcro adhesives, that "say" you can use to hang pictures, but I never believed they would work.  They even suggested the possibility of holding a picture/painting/photo that could weigh up to 12 pounds (~ 5.5 kg). 

After spending a few hours watching videos and reading about these velcro, hang on the wall things.... I am feeling ALMOST convinced they MAY work.  So, I took the plunge and ordered a bunch of these things on Amazon and have vowed to my wife that I will (with her guidance) put up some of these smaller pictures and photos and art work into collages in several areas of our home.  I do admit to having some concern that they will NOT work, and the pictures will come crashing down and break and get damaged.  But, I want to do this almost as much as my wife would like me to do this. 

I am keeping my fingers crossed that when they eventually arrive, I will do this in the several locations that would benefit from more stuff on the walls... and I am working to get ready to just "plow through" and "do it" without  worrying "too much" (HAH!  That is a true "pipe dream".)

But, at least I am not putting more damn holes in the walls.  And, they *might* work too!


Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Pipe & a Beer

In a dream I had last night, I was sitting around a campfire at a campsite at dusk, friends and family from all around... our tents up, and I was having a few nice glasses of a dark, "hoppy" beer and smoking several bowls of a few different pipe tobaccos.  I was my current, old, codgery self, but the folks around me seemed more to be in the late 1970s in terms of their appearance, and mannerisms.  It felt serene and peaceful, even with me askew in age to my friends and family.

The pipe smoking of the dream kept permeating my mind while I was running this morning, and it was a bit difficult to concentrate on running and praying the rosary.